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Human Rights and TNCs: Why we need a Binding International Treaty

El martes 24 de junio en Naciones Unidas (Ginebra)

Viernes 20 de junio de 2014

Fecha: Martes, 24 de junio de 2014
Hora: 14:00-16:00 h
Lugar: Palais des Nations, Room XXIV - Naciones Unidas, Ginebra (Suiza)

The Europe-Third World Centre (CETIM), the Transnational Institute (TNI), Friends of the Earth (FoE) and the Global Campaign to Dismantle Corporate Power cordially invite you to the following side event to the 26th session of the Human Rights Council.

The Human Rights Council is currently discussing a proposal by Ecuador and other countries to develop binding norms on human rights and transnational corporations (TNCs). This initiative was supported by 85 countries in a joint statement presented to the Human Rights Council in September last year.

Hundreds of social movements and civil society organizations have been demanding a binding international treaty and supports this initiative that could potentially increase access to justice for the victims of human rights violations committed by TNCs.

This side event will present five emblematic cases of human rights violations committed by TNCs in developing countries. The representatives of the victims will testify and describe the obstacles they are facing in trying to get access to justice and remedy. The side event will provide evidences of the gap that exists in human rights international law and make the case for a binding international treaty on TNCs. A Peoples Treaty developed by social movements and organizations will be presented.


  • Melik Özden, Europe Third World Centre (CETIM)


  • Pablo Fajardo, Lawyer defending the victims of Chevron in Ecuador. Environmental destruction and human rights violations by Chevron in Ecuador
  • Beverly Keene, Jubilee South. Permanent Peoples Tribunal-Geneva Hearing
  • Goodwin Ojo, Friends of the Earth, Nigeria. Environmental destruction and human rights violations by Shell in Nigeria
  • Abeer Al Butmeh, Stop the Wall / Pengon Palestine. Violation of human rights and right to water by Mekorot in occupied Palestinian territories
  • Javier Correa, Sinaltrainal, Colombia. Violations of human rights, labor and trade-union rights by Coca Cola in Colombia
  • Erika González, Global Campaign Dismantle Corporate Power and OMAL. Peoples Treaty Process
  • Saul Baños, National Roundtable against Metalic Mining in El Salvador. Violations of human rights and state sovereignty by Oceana Gold in El Salvador

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